Who's the Amateur now: Ireland Vs. Pakistan

18 March 2007

What a day it was yesterday for the cricketing world. First India loosing to Bangladesh unexpected but reminds everybody that Bangladesh are not to be taken for granted. But then there was the Ireland Vs. Pakistan, what a shocker. Now this match was supposed to be a give, a formality, a walk in the park for Pakistan. The 1992 World Cup Champions and currently 4th in the ICC ODI Rankings loosing against a team that doesn’t even qualify to be ranked and made is up of a bunch of part-time cricketers is just shameful. Further, loosing this match means they are out of the World Cup. This has never ever happened in a Cricket World Cup before.

One may say Pakistan were having an off day and the luck of the Irish was in full flavour on St Patrick’s day but Ireland must have done somethings right and well. In my opinion they deserved this win over Pakistan more than the draw against Zimbabwe. They did a much better job and you could see that they had learned and improved from the experience of the previous match by fielding tighter and batting with more patients. If Pakistan the ranked professionals with cricketing heritage could not adapt and control this situation unfortunately back on a plane home it is.

I believe it was after the 1996 World Cup where Pakistan lost to India in the quarter finals that Wasim Akram received death threats and his house in Lahore was stoned - India of course going through to the semi finals and loosing to Sri Lanka whom went on to be crowned champions. There is potential for scenes a lot worse than that when the player land back home in Pakistan, but I hope it is not the case. May be the Paskistan team should just hang around the Caribbean for a few more weeks.

Pakistan out of World Cup after Ireland loss
ICC World Cup Scorecard - 9th Match, Group D, Ireland v Pakistan

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