So its Bangladesh Vs India in a Bit

17 March 2007

This should be and interesting match. For some weird reason i’ve been looking forward to this match more than the one Sri Lanka played the other day. OK there was the England Vs New Zealand match yesterday but that did not deliver the excitement that was predicted and England lost - boo hoo.

I don’t know why i have had this liking (rating) of Bangladesh recently. Usually Beyond Sri Lanka, England and some of the world class players like Brian Lara I can’t be asked. May be it is because Bangladesh now is like Sri Lanka back in the early 90’s (in a cricketing sense ofcourse). I do think they are the true underdogs of the 2007 Cricket World Cup. I’ll be secretly backing them in todays match. Let’s see what I think afterwards.

Post Game:

Well well well.. what a game. So its all good, my gutt came true. The amazing thing about Bangladesh’s win is how they batted. The patients and control they displayed when required was just mind blowing. They played shots, some very entertaining shots, when it was there but then just slowed down when required. This is a quality I believe a lot of the top teams (other top teams) lack under these conditions. So it might be Sri Lanka and Bangladesh going through. Lets see what the week brings.

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