Sky+ HD the Next Generation Box

14 January 2013

So recently I’ve moved and my new place isn’t wired up properly for Sky+, there’s only one feed. Now separate feeds isn’t required for the most part, one could use what they call a smart splitter, however from what I’ve read some channels may not record depending on what frequency it’s on and what channel you happen to be watching, or something along those lines.
These days with the on demand feature recording “live” TV is less of a requirement. Most of the programs I watch at least are available on demand. However I’ve not got around to connecting an ethernet cable to my Sky box. So I use the Sky Go app on my Xbox360 instead.

This got me thinking… given that Sky TV is available via the Sky Go on multiple devices surely it makes sense for the next generation of Sky boxes to have Sky Go in addition to the satellite feed based viewing. That is provide all the channels and features via both traditional feeds and over the Internet. Or allow customers to pick which type of box they purchase.

This is actually a much wider topic, I have some ideas and opinions on where providers in this space have to end up but that’s for another post.

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