Need an Energy Boost for Your Gym Session? Here's my secret

14 January 2013

Everybody’s made different but if you are like me and suffer from quick energy depletion during your workout then you should try this. It’s simple and natural, so zero risk, nothing to loose.

Here goes… upto 3 hours before my workout I eat a red apple. About 1-1.5 hours before my workout I eat a sandwich, typically a Tesco Egg and Crest, anything similar would do. About 30mins before my workout I eat a Banana. Finally, during my workout I have a drink which is a combination of Whey (1-2 scoops ON Gold Standard 100% Whey ) and Carbs (1 or 2 scoops My protien Vitargo) mixed with cold water. And that’s it. I don’t have a post workout drink as what I’ve had during my workout should do the trick.

Use what ever Whey product you normally use as different people react differently to brands. I find that Maximuscle makes me bloated and ON Gold Standard never gives me an issue, However I know other people that have no issues with Maximuscle. I recall fellow Glipher Jess say ON Gold Standard made her bloated.

Let us know what you think. An if you try it let us know how it worked out.

Happy Gyming!

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