Test driving my Glipho "Desk"

19 July 2012

As Roger said, exciting times are fast approaching at Glipho. The guys have spent many many many many hours building the foundations. Obviosuly all of this is a great passion of Roger’s, and has been for a while. However I think the “Desk” feature is one he has been particularly passionate and excited about.

If I have understood correctly his vision is to develop the “Desk” into an awesome tool that allows one to manage the entire lifecycle of a publication in one place and effortlessly, therefore changing the experience of writting forever! Allowing you to focus on the creative part of the writing process is key.

In it’s second iteration there’s some solid functionality here already. If this is what we get on “day 2”, I await eagerly to see what comes next, it can only get better!

As one of my bosses used to say software systems are like icebergs. The tip of the iceberg is what you see but there’s a lot of effort and clever stuff going on in backend to make that seemingly simple feature, you take fore granted, work. To be honest, what 2 people have pulled off in the last couple of months is insane, even given the long days and weeks.

There’s another story to be told around how cloud computing has enabled tech startups to focus on product, but I’ll leave that for another day!

I’ve been looking forward to a particlar feature which a little birdy tells me might be released tomorrow. May be that will be another excuse to write.

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