Sri Lanka Vs. England: I had the Shakes After the Last Ball

06 April 2007

…no jokes, I was so pumped towards the end that after Dilhara Fernando’s last ball wicket wrapped it all up I had the shakes like an alcoholic before a drink in the morning.

There are so many different ways this game could be read for both sides. If you read around it’s all been covered. To me this was a game were Sri Lanka didn’t get as bigger total as they would have liked (should have) not because they batted badly but because England bowled very very well. I still think Sajith Mahamood is a crap bowler but on the day he did the job.

When it was England’s turn to bat again it was the quality (clever) of the bowling that was preventing the runs and getting the wickets rather than batsman playing stupid shots.

The luck factor in its various forms I felt was distributed evenly on this occasion. The difference between Sri Lanka winning and England very narrowly loosing was collective team skill and form.

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