Sanath Effect?!

11 December 2007

It’s the end of the 1st day of the 2nd test against England. Sri Lanka are 105/2. Tharanga (10) and Sangakkara (1) have gone cheap. Is this because there is no Sanath at the top? Sanath was never a guarantee but the meer fact that he was in the line-up ment it worked on the oppositions mind. Murali has already stated that his job is that much harder now that Sanath’s part-time spin option was not available to the caption.

Having these thoughts today am I jumping the gun? probably. In anycase Sanath had to retire sometime soon. So the rest of the team will just have to deal with it and deal with it well. It’s up to the likes of Tharanga and Vandort to take Lankan test cricket to the next level, and fast. It is also up to the selectors to sport raw talent and fast track them into the A team and national team. Have I got faith in the currently selection panel, i’m not sure. At worst may be Marvan had a point. In my eyes the best player to gain a place on the ODI and test teams in the last 12 -18 month time frame was Chamara Silva. But he is 28 and if it wasn’t for Tom Moody I honestly don’t think he would be here. Can Trevor Baliss negotiate Lankan politics as smoothly as Moody I’m not convinced. I’m not even convinced that he can maintain what Moody has achieved but only time will tell.

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