Next generation database technology H-Store / VoltDB Project

15 July 2009

I was catching up on the latest on Google Reader today and came across the H-Store / VoltDB project (from It Must be Crap on Databases Week > NoSQL? > Mike Stonebraker Call for the Complete Destruction of the Old DBMS Order). Most of the presentation reads like a dump from my brain on the topic. I never thought i was the only person having these problems, obviously. At the same time bitching at the big boys like Oracle and Microsoft for charging us lots of money and trying to convince us that the Relational Database is the solution to all problems. They really need stop trying to con us and admit that they need to start from scratch again, there are a new set of requirements. I’m not saying there isn’t a place for relational databases, rather there are a whole new set of problems that they don’t solve very well at all.

Take a look at the H-Store / VoltDB project paper and presentation slides, see what you think.

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