My Amazon AWS wish list

13 July 2010

My Amazon AWS wish list goes a little something like this


  1. Instance notes field: Ability to attach some custom info such as a server name, role, and/or description to an EC2 instance. (Amazon EC2 Resource Tagging).
  2. Multi user + groups for access control. (AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)).
  3. Custom human friendly machine name/alias field, in addition to instance id (Not tags). This is half there. The “Name” tag is special and appears in other views.
  4. Post launch parameter change: Ability to change certain EC2 instance parameters after launch such as security groups (avail in VPC).
  5. More  traditional and logical EC2 firewall security grouping system: security groups don’t work how you would expect.
  6. Multiple vNIC / IP address support.
  7. Packet sniffing - Firewall level traffic visibility: to help troubleshoot connectivity issues.
  8. Quicker support for significant Windows Server releases such as Windows Server 2008 R2 (still not available).
  9. Windows support for GPU instances.
  10. Description field for Elastic IPs.


  1. Host header support for ping health check i.e. ping uses a fully qualified URL and passes the hostname http header.
  2. Elastic IP support.
  3. Support for load balancing internal/backend services.


  1. DNS service. (Amazon Route53)
  2. Console support for Identity and Access Management.
  3. Billing breakdown/view by resource group/tag.
  4. Elastic Beanstalk .Net/Mono support.
  5. More open information on peering and/or have more direct Internet connectivity options via ISPs as a product (not private connectivity). Now available see AWS Direct Connect
  6. Move instances/resources between accounts without copying or some other form of logical grouping containers, billing containers, and security containers.
  7. Ability to copy AMIs between regions.
  8. Copy an RDS backup to S3 in another region.

Last updated: 02/07/2014

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