iPhone = cool

02 July 2007

Apple’s latest gadget the iPhone was released in the states the other day. Stories about obsessed people queuing up for hrs/days to get one was all over the news. Steve Jobs seems to think it’s user interface is revolutionary and the biggest advancement since the mouse was invented. I’m not the biggest Apple fan but this thing does look pretty cool (Apple kit always does) and seems to have some cutting edge functionality. It’s even supposed to support from Microsoft bits like Outlook and Exchange. Maybe the best way is to say it is packaged up well. Check out the promo’s on the US Apple site.


But apparently it is not all Rosy, it does have its short comings. Check out this review.


This is not due to get released in the UK till the end of this year (2007). The UK mobile operators don’t seem to want to talk about their intention much either. However I think the iPhones Wi-Fi capabilities and home it is commercially packaged up with tariffs is the key to killing the competition.

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