First Google Phone - HTC Dream G1

24 September 2008

So the first phone loaded Google’s mobile OS Android was announced on Mon - 22nd Sept 2008. The hardware looks cool and I’ve seen demos of Android - including a live one at Google Developer Day 2008, London - very exciting. Check out the HTC Dream G1 if you haven’t seen it.

What pisses me off is all this network lockin. Apple decided to do it in the UK by making the iPhone an O2 exclusive. This is not too surprising this is Apple after all the king of lockin and sealed tins. However Google/HTC doing this (making this only available on T-Mobile) is a bit surprising and disappointing. I suppose I’ve not seen any info on a exclusive so will assume that there will be other handsets loaded with Android released on other networks in due course.

Like me I’m sure there are many people that want to get their paws on one but not have to change networks. Handset manufactures and networks… sort it out!

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