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26 July 2015

Last updated: 02 May 2016

GOTO Conferences Keynote: Microservices by Martin Fowler [VIDEO]
Great balanced intro if you have some development experience.

DockerCon14: State of the Art in Microservices by Adrian Cockcroft (Battery Ventures) [VIDEO]

The role of DevOps and Docker in microservices.

Martin Fowler on Microservices [TEXT]

Implementing Microservices Architecture by Fred George [VIDEO] - experiences from mailonline.com

Microservices: Software that Fits in Your Head by Dan North [VIDEO] - The people centric thinking of microservices.

The Inverse Conway Manoeuvre by James Lewis [VIDEO] - Organisation design lead system architecture. Design the people structure and the system structure will follow.

The New New Software Development Game: Containers, Micro Servic [VIDEO] [Article on HighScalabity.com] by Mary Poppendieck

Surviving Microservices by Richard Rogers [VIDEO] - Creators of SenecaJS microservices framework. This talk is about the patterns rather than the frameworks.

Domain Driven Design:
The Book by Eric Evans
Article by Martin Fowler

A collection of building blocks commonly used in microservices architecture
Docker Containers - leading the pack in container technology
CoreOS - Linux with containers as a first class citizen
Amazon EC2 Container Service - Docker container management on EC2
Weave Works - Deals with the networking side of Docker, Load Balancing, DNS, DHCP, Service Discovery etc.

Seneca JS - A Micro-Services toolkit based on Node.js but doesn’t limit a service to NodeJS.
gRPC by Google - A high performance, open source, general RPC framework that puts mobile and HTTP/2 first.
TypeSafe Reactive Platform - Play, Scala, Akka, Java, and Spark
PACT - Define a pact between service consumers and providers, enabling “consumer driven contract” testing

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