Checkpoint SmartCenter Server Backup Automation Script

13 September 2011

Today I finally got around to figuring out how to automate the backup of a Checkpoint SmartCenter Server. 

The following batch file can be run as a schedule task. It generates a backup file with a name composed of the current date and time hence not overwriting previous backups. Note the undocumented “-n” option that makes upgrade_export.exe run completely silently.

This can be further extended to move the backup file off the server once complete. FTP it off or upload it to an Amazon S3 bucket.

@echo off
set “filename=%TIME%_%DATE%”
rem echo.%filename%
set “filename=%filename:/=%”
set “filename=%filename::=%”
set “filename=%filename:.=%”
set “filename=%filename: =%” 
set “filename=c:\<some_folder>\%filename%.bak”
rem echo.%filename%

call C:\WINDOWS\FW1\R65\fw1\bin\upgrade_tools\upgrade_export.exe -n %filename% 

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